10 Questions to Ask your Freelance Web Designer

Here are 10 great questions you must ask your freelance website designer before deciding if they are right for you!

  1. What are your typical days & hours of operations?
  2. When can I typically expect a response via email or phone? (2-3 hours, 6-10 hours, 12+ hours)
  3. Will you deliver a timeline of each milestone?
  4. What design mockups are included in the proposal? Just the homepage, interior pages, or any custom programming wireframes?
  5. How will you address website design revisions, and how may are allowed?
  6. What are your standards for cross-browser testing?
  7. Will the design be responsive?
  8. Will I have access to edit the content, create blog posts and add media?
  9. What standards do you follow for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
  10. What type of analytics program will be  installed on the site, and how will I access statistics?