Leeds United – Redfearn frustrated by home defeat


Neil Redfearn admitted his frustration following the 1-0 defeat to Brentford, but felt that neither team deserved to take all three points.

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Four steps: how to improve the rankings

Optimizing the backlink structure of your website can have a big impact on the rankings of your web pages. As it is difficult to obtain good backlinks, it often makes sense to benefit from the work of your competitors.

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Google: your regular web pages influence your mobile rankings

In a video on YouTube, Google’s John Mueller said that the desktop version of your web pages will influence the position of your web pages in Google’s mobile search results. A user was afraid that hidden content in the mobile version of his web pages had a negative influence on the rankings:

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5 web font trends for 2015

Faster, smarter, small, bigger and quite simply everywhere, Ryan Arruda explains how he sees type and type tools changing in 2015.

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Solid-state drives vs hard disk drives

You’ve probably been wondering what all the hype is when it comes to solid-state drives – not to mention what the heck they are exactly. These magnificent devices could make you love your computer more than you ever thought possible, especially if you’re the impatient type.

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Check the social media success of your website

Article by Axandra SEO software

Our new social media performance checker enables you to track the performance of the home page of your website on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and StumbleUpon over time.

The tool also compares the performance of up to three competitors to the performance of your own website. That enables you to quickly find the things that you can improve: Read more

Dreamweaver CC: Tutorial for Beginners

What are Cloud Servers?

In some respects cloud servers work in the same way as physical servers but the functions they provide can be very different. When opting for cloud hosting, clients are renting virtual server space rather than renting or purchasing physical servers. They are often paid for by the hour depending on the capacity required at any particular time.

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Photoshop Layers panel explained

About This Episode
Learn the basics of the Layer Panel with author Andy Anderson. Learn more from the complete Adobe Photoshop CC course at Infiniteskills.com.

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