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Rob Russell
Telephone: 07921 579 496

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Technical requirements

  • Do you already have a domain name and hosting company for your new site?
  • Do you have a company logo?
  • How many pages do you require? (A bullet point list of page titles / menu items)
  • Do you have any preferences on colour scheme and layout?
  • Will you be selling products/services from the website, if so, how many products will need to be uploaded?
  • Do you require social integration with your networks? (i.e. LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc)
  • Do you require an online form? If so what form fields / form questions will you require?

Need Maintenance Services?

The ongoing maintenance of a website is an often overlooked aspect of the website’s design:

  • Who will be responsible for the on-going maintenance of the website?
  • Do you have the skills, resources and time to maintain the website in-house?
  • Would you prefer to make an arrangement for me to handle website maintenance? Get in Touch!