Leeds Fans LLP Takeover of GFH 25% Share

date – Monday, 9th of march 2015


It’s been another busy week for Leeds Fans LLP.  We started last week in Scotland meeting with some of the team behind Rangers First.  While our situation is very different, there are some similarities and we learned a lot from them about their day to day running of Rangers First, particularly in regard to the systems and processes needed to communicate with thousands of fans. Thanks very much to their team for giving up their day to meet with us and share our stories.  It was great to measure our progress in five weeks against their very successful campaign of over a year.  It was clear that we’ve been able to progress so quickly because of the work put in by so many Leeds United supporters from all over the world who are giving up their free time to support us, so thanks to everyone for their help so far.
You’ll all have seen the news that Ken Bates was in contact with us about possible shares for sale. Whether this turns out to be the case or not, we’ve said all along that we need to have money in the bank in order to get a seat at the table so this continues to be our main focus. You should also note that we were in touch with the Official Receiver weeks ago, as soon as this came out, so if anything develops on this she will contact us.
We are nearing the end of the journey to find the best vehicle to deliver this project. It has been phenomenally difficult to find a route through the many obstacles to doing a massive fund raise from many fans, in a timely and cost effective manner. We have the leading lawyer in the field working pro bono for us, which we think is a reflection of the prestige to be had in being part of what we hope will be the biggest fan fund raise in British football history. The solution is going to be more complex than we hoped, but we think it can still be marketed in a clear and succinct way. More information on this coming soon.
Please get in touch with any of us if you have any questions – all contact details are on the website www.leedsfansllp.com
Dylan, Steve, Sharon, Petter and Brendan