Web Design Trends for 2014

Great typography & icon fonts

Web typography and icon fonts

Today, web design can display almost every font using various techniques and it looks amazing. There are many websites over the Internet that started to explore this trend in 2013 and it is expected that in 2014 this trend with spread even more. Also with the emergence of icon fonts the web became even prettier. The number of the icon fonts is increasing and probably in 2014 they will become even more and used all over the web.

Retina displays

Retina Displays

In 2014, it is expected that consumers will be buying more tablets instead of laptops. As retina displays are default for tablets and especially for Apple ones, the support for retina displays will increase. With the higher pixel density designers will be able to do more with their designs.

More Responsive Frameworks

Responsive frameworks

With the emergence of the responsive design, the responsive frameworks and boilerplates have increased drastically. In the beginning there are just few of them, now you are able to choose from a wide range. As it is such a widespread trend, it is expected that in 2014 designers and developers will continue to create new frameworks in search of the best one.

Flat Design

Flat Design

Flat look will stay a little longer. Nobody seems to miss the good old gradient and 3d styles. Windows 8 and ios7 can be blamed for that. So we assume that designers will continue to be inspired by the sleek flat look in 2014.

Single page websites

Single page websites

These were huge when they appear and they still are. Developers are creating jQuery plugins to ease the process of creating one page websites. Designers seem to use this type to present themselves to the audience. It is also a great way to present a new product or service. This make us believe that this format will be used more and more in 2014

Interactive infographics

Interactive Infographics

They were so impressive when they were presented for the first time. Although, they aren’t so easy to be developed and there are not many tutorials on the web of how to create one, designers really liked using them in their projects. The different industries also like the medium as a way to present some boring info and make it more understandable and appealing. So we assume that interactive infographics will be very popular in 2014.

CMS websites

CMS Websites

WordPress is still the top CMS system for creating websites. Not only for the fact that it is so easy to create a great-looking WordPress website but the huge number of free and cheap wordpress themes. We think that the trend will stay in 2014 and CMS websites will increase.